This is someone you know

This is someone you know

Crowded hospitals, lack of personnel, risk of capacity overrun: the Quebec health system is at the end of its rope, and so are the people who work there.

Before reading these lines, take the time to put a name on someone you know who works in the healthcare industry.

Your neighbor, your cousin, your friend’s sister or even the guy you meet at the dog park.

Now imagine this stressed, exhausted person at the end of their rope …

Putting a face on a reality, I do that when it passes me.

It’s the best way I’ve found to make sense of the idea of ​​making my contribution.

To people who plan to meet during the holidays despite government bans, please follow the measures on behalf of this person who puts themselves at risk to treat you.

The pride of respecting

Yes, more money should be pumped into the health system.

Yes, the various stakeholders in the network should have better conditions.

Yes, the government should impose stricter measures, such as a massive return to telework, and find more effective strategies to limit the outbreak of outbreaks in schools.

Yes, it is difficult, and the mental health of the population deteriorates by being deprived of social contact …

But what the government can never do for us is play by the rules for us.

We can considerably ease the burden on nursing staff.

Let us do it and be proud to show respect to those who may one day or another have our lives in their hands.

During the holidays, we have a more generous heart.

What if one of the means to testify to this generosity was to symbolically wear, with these people, their blouse and smock?

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