“This is stupid”: Igor Kondratyuk about the Ukrainian selection for the Eurovision song contest and the first semi-final

“Это тупо”: Игорь Кондратюк об украинском отборе на Евровидение и первом полуфинале

Israel launched the international song contest Eurovision 2019. The first semi-final took place on Tuesday, may 14. Although Ukraine is not participating this year, but the Ukrainian delegation headed by Verka Serduchka already having fun in tel Aviv. Folk star met vigorously and joyfully, and already the finale – may 18 – Serduchka preparing a bright performance to the European audience.

“Know.ia” asked the opinion of Igor Kondratyuk on the first semi-final. Famous presenter, producer and showman for many years to monitor the competition and often went to watch the show with my own eyes.

“Это тупо”: Игорь Кондратюк об украинском отборе на Евровидение и первом полуфинале

Opening Eurovision 2019 in tel Aviv

Many have noticed that the Ukrainians fell a little fun competition after it was decided not to send anyone to Eurovision from Ukraine. Some – there was even some disappointment.

“The disappointment from watching a competition, where there are no Ukrainian party, – said Kondratyuk. – This despite the fact that the selection of the competition was held at a decent level, and it sparked great public interest. As there was no fuss and PR, the Ukrainians joined in viewing only the day before yesterday, when was the first semi-final. Judging by my feed on Facebook, people were a bit postmaterial”.

The question would be able to win the Eurovision song contest MARUV, if unable to agree with the NOTE (public broadcaster) and go from the Ukraine, Igor gave a rather ambiguous answer.

“I don’t know – it is silly to talk about it, about what would happen if… In the final, I think, would come out for sure. Because the first semi-final, where she was to speak, was weak, as for me,” said the showman.

“Это тупо”: Игорь Кондратюк об украинском отборе на Евровидение и первом полуфинале

The scene of the contest this year

Every year complain that Eurovision is very political. Kondratyuk partly shares this opinion.

“Quite, but not critical. Otherwise, can always beat or the Scandinavians, or the Golden lilies. At least, I heard a lot of comments about their mutual support in the voting”, – said the host.

The fact that the organizers of the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2019 first made MARUV in the number of applicants, and then the NOTE suggested the singer to sign the agreement about the cancellation of her performances in Russia in the period of three months after the contest, caused a lot of heated debate. MARUV refused to participate, making a loud statement:

“As I said earlier, the rejection of the concerts in Russia were not principle for us. The main differences resulting from other contract clauses that, if I sign up, become my bonded. I – a Ukrainian citizen, pay taxes and sincere love Ukraine. But not ready to speak in slogans, turning their stay at the competition in the promotion of our politicians. I’m a musician, not a bit in the political arena”.

We asked Igor Kondratyuk, whether the government should intervene in the conduct of national selection and to influence the winner.

“Given the terrible fact that we have a war with the aggressor – Russia – by far! At least on touring. Because take in the selection of the girls and guys that serve the aggressor state, and even boast about it – it’s stupid, I’m sorry,” – said the showman.

“Это тупо”: Игорь Кондратюк об украинском отборе на Евровидение и первом полуфинале

First semi-final of the Eurovision song contest in 2019 tel Aviv

Kondratyuk said that watching Eurovision as it leaks.

“Therefore, I can only say about the first semi-final. The winner in this I have not seen and not heard. Accordingly, the favorites, perhaps – in the second semifinal, or the number of founding countries. From the second semifinal only know the song of the representative of Azerbaijan Chingiz because its recording and shooting clip and business card artist had my son Sergei and his wife Martha. I wish Genghis to win, although the bookmakers bet on the representative of the Netherlands. Today look – he kind of bird,” shared the producer.

Earlier, famous Ukrainian singer MELOVIN, who had the chance in 2018 to go to Eurovision in Portugal from Ukraine, commented on this year’s event at the competition.

As previously reported, “Know.ia”, Katya Osadchaya boasted bright selfie with Verka Serduchka from tel Aviv.

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