This is the end: out the trailer for the latest season of “Force majeure”

In the new season Meghan Markle plays

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Это конец: вышел трейлер последнего сезона сериала "Форс-мажоры"

Frame from the series “Force majeure”

In the network appeared the new trailer for the latest season of “Force majeure”, which allegedly called and Meghan Markle. New video on the final four episodes of “Force majeure” does not reveal the secrets of the plot of the finale, but fuels the intrigue: in the video Mike and Harvey in the last build of another cunning plan, and Mike, noting that they lied to the world, says “it is time for one of the most recent fraud”.

Watch the video that the producers of the series “Force majeure” was sure Megan Markle will return to TV screens:

Note that even before the beginning of the season showrunner “Force majeure” warned viewers that Harvey and his colleagues in the final will have to finally answer for all the dubious from a moral point of view, solutions that they often took in the course of the series. A new trailer for this Maxim confirms that Harvey is arrested for conspiring with the Prosecutor, but the Spectrum stubbornly says “what the hell would I not moved, I would do it again.”

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The first of four final episodes of “Force majeure” will air on 4 September, but the final show on September 25.

Earlier, the TV channel USA Network has shared a trailer of its legal drama “Force majeure”.

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