This Matrix: the mysterious “crashing” dead star defies explanation

The pulsar in the Sails began to “fail” that caused a serious dispute in the scientific environment

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:25

Это Матрица: загадочный "сбой" мертвой звезды не поддается объяснению

Pulsar in the Sail has puzzled scientists for its strange behavior

If you watched the movie “the Matrix”, you probably remember the effect of deja vu, which was a clear sign of system failure and evidence of the artificiality of the world. About the same “crashing” was found in dead stars, namely the pulsar. Fixed a strange phenomenon, according to some scholars, is the true proof that our world is not real, because any other explanation is not yet found. About his discovery, scientists published an article in Nature Astronomy.

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Convincing evidence that we live in a simulation, yet. However, astronomers are puzzled by the “failure” of the pulsar in the Sail (one of the types of neutron stars), which is one of the most famous space objects in the sky and the brightest.

Это Матрица: загадочный "сбой" мертвой звезды не поддается объяснению

Space the pulsar in the Sails and pleione

Three years ago, astronomer Gregory Ashton, of Monash University in Australia recorded a strange glitch of a pulsar in the Sails. He described in detail about this phenomenon, which was discovered for the first time in 50 years.

Normal stars eventually slow down its rotation, as if you were spinning a Bicycle wheel, then due to the friction it eventually stopped, so eventually happens with almost all space objects. But the discovery of “failure” contradicts the laws of physics, like someone artificially governs the rotation of neutron stars. Contrary to expectations, the observed pulsar lost and instead of a slowdown began to accelerate. Gregory Ashton said that this effect is very small, but it can be detected.

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The fact that pulsars are, though “dead” stars, but one of the most stable objects in the Universe – it can even set your clock, so accurate are their impulses. In particular, the pulsar in the Sail has a precise rotation in 11,195 revs for a second.

“When the neutron star rotates, it emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation, like a lighthouse. If a beam passes the Earth, it is fixed by the radio as a discontinuous signal,” explains Ashton.

The acceleration of the pulsar was recorded in 2016, but the astronomers took three years to analyze the data to eliminate the error and to prove this strange effect.

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And it’s not all the surprises that presented a dead star. He found one very surprising result: first, the pulsar has slowed down a bit, before coming back to unwind with a new force. A team of astronomers have advanced several theories regarding the “failure”, one of which is allegedly proof of the existence of the Matrix and discovered her mistake. But ultimately, researchers are not yet sure the true reason for the strange behavior of the neutron star.

We will remind that earlier on Jupiter recorded a mysterious explosion of incredible power. Recently, scientists answered the question: why is space cold and the Sun hot.

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