“This movie, this is not the story of Dawn”

«Ce film, ce n’est pas l’histoire d’Aurore»

Before you even take the poster, The Curse of Aurore Gagnon divided Quebecers, with some objecting strongly to the american horror film inspired partly by the history of the martyred child. “The priority of the team was to respect his memory,” insists the director, Mehran Torgoley.

The project has beautiful not to have been unveiled that there are less than two weeks, he has even managed to make a lot of ink to flow.

It, the american film director Mehran Torgoley quickly realized, the echo – being worn by social networks – is making it almost instantly to California, where it remains.

In an interview with The Journal, the latter admits to having been surprised by the extent of these comments, and that even if he knew that he was rubbing a very tricky subject with The curse of Aurore Gagnon. In fact, the filmmaker had initially refused to address this story when his co-writer (and long-time collaborator) Llana Barron he was initially told the true narrative of the martyred child.

“I didn’t want to tell the story of Aurore Gagnon, of what she has lived. It was too tragic, too sad, and too much anchored in the quebec society for that I tells it. This was not for me, an American, to do that, ” remembers the filmmaker at the end of the wire.

Haunting in Fortierville

It is as well that Mehran Torgoley and Llana Barron have found a new lode to be exploited, this time completely fictional. Developed – and turned – the biggest secrets in the title Paerish, The curse of Aurore Gagnon , therefore, takes place in the present day, 100 years after the death of the one called the ” child martyr.”

«Ce film, ce n’est pas l’histoire d’Aurore»

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Mehran Torgoley

A USB stick found in the dark corners of the web shows a team of american filmmakers to put the cap on the municipality of Fortierville, determined to discover the underside of history who have shaken the Quebec as a whole. But what was supposed to be a simple research trip quickly takes a sharp turn for the sinister in the course of events inexplicable and disturbing.

“This movie, this is not the story of Aurore Gagnon. It simply serves as a starting point to tell the story of these three Americans who become the witnesses of paranormal phenomena “, summarizes Megran Torgoley.

The filmmaker also says to have received the “blessing” of the interpretation Centre of Fortierville, allowing his team to shoot a scene around the headstone bearing the name of Aurore Gagnon.

“If they had told us that what we were doing was a sin, I would have changed the essence of the scenario. Really, our goal has never been to exploit this tragedy, ” he says.

The Curse of Aurore Gagnon is currently displayed.

A series B harmless

The defenders of Aurore, the martyred child, can sleep on their two ears. The Curse of Aurore Gagnon may be a film little successful, it does tarnish in any way the memory of the poor girl.

We admit from the outset, we didn’t know what to expect when taking place in a dark room, earlier this week, to discover this mysterious project that is The Curse of Aurore Gagnon. But one thing quickly became obvious : the film of the American Mehran Torgoley gives in fiction pure and lasts. In short, nothing to do with the story, so real, that rocked Quebec. And, light divulgâcheur : no, the child’s martyrdom is not beyond the grave for revenge.

Then for the scandals, we revert. It is already that of won.

There are so a trio of american filmmakers, landed in the Centre-du-Québec to try to unravel the mystery of Aurore Gagnon. But what mystery ? The Quebecers know almost all the ins and outs of this sordid story, relayed first in theatre, then the cinema, not once, but twice. It is there that the approach of hollywood is felt the most.

Because even if the filmmaker Mehran Torgoley, who signs here his first feature film, boasts of having well done his research, he tries so hard to make believe its ardent fans as a heavy mystery surrounds the death of Aurore Gagnon.

Accents that sound fake

And even if the three protagonists are faring rather well at the level of interpretation, we can unfortunately not say as much of the rest of the distribution. Because, in addition to the extras, almost all of the secondary characters are portrayed by actors from outside of Quebec, recovered both from the side of English Canada and the United States. Result : the “inhabitants” of Fortierville and Sainte-Sophie-de-Lévard who speak with strong accents, sometimes English, sometimes French. In short, everything sounds wrong. Literally.

The Curse of Aurore Gagnon , however, is not a failure on the line. Mehran Torgoley manages at times to install a real climate of tension and to offer a few moments particularly successful.

The film is therefore likely to find its audience among fans of terror most seasoned, the ones who manage to find a few moments of pleasure. To book, therefore, to those who have enjoyed the more obscure Hell House LLC and The St. Francisville Experiment.

The Curse of Aurore Gagnon


  • A film by Mehran Torgoley.
  • With Llana Barron, Lex Wilson, and Jordan Kaplan.
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