This popular spice may prevent diabetes

Эта популярная специя может предотвратить появление диабета

Turmeric has many useful properties.Famous for its saffron hue, the spice turmeric can prevent diabetes – it has shown experiments on mice, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Endocrinologists from the diabetes Center the Naomi berrie at the University of Colombia has established that turmeric added to the diet of mice made the animals much less susceptible to the physiologically negative processes leading to the development of diabetes. When using test results on the levels of insulin and blood glucose revealed that animals that received turmeric has been a significant reduction in inflammatory markers in adipose tissue and liver.

“Curcumin as antioxidant component of the plant has properties to normalize insulin production, thus preventing type II diabetes” – voiced his assumption of scientific experts.

According to them the action of curcumin is associated with the reduction of fat content in tissues – mice this effect was observed even though high-calorie foods.

Preliminary research has also demonstrated anti-cancer properties of curcumin. Experts from Saint Louis University in Missouri it was found that part of the substance turmeric curcumin and silymarin do not allow cancer cells to divide and thus can help in the treatment and prevention of colon cancer.

At the beginning of this year, researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles presented data of its work, indicating that regular consumption of turmeric helps to fight the symptoms of dementia age dementia. In addition, turmeric has proven to be extremely useful for people suffering from bad moods and depression attacks.

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