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This Quebec Company Designs Outdoor Furniture You Never Need to Put Away

This Quebec company designs outdoor furniture that you never need to put away


Twist Production, based in Quebec City, is the only company in Canada to use rotational molding technology (a plastic molding technique) to manufacture outdoor furniture. 

To their first product, the cone-shaped outdoor luminaire Mia Sereta, has been added, over time, to horticultural pots, stools, small tables and chairs. Each product is designed to withstand heavy use, the coldest winters and the hottest summers to give them the longest possible life.

Bistro rocking chair, $272, available in several colors


The products are sold in Montreal at Le Balconier: Diabolo small table or occasional seat in rotomolded plastic, available in several colors colors and shapes, $124, Noho chair, $304, Bistro rocking chair, $272, both available in several colors.

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