This spice helps against heavy tumors

Эта специя помогает от тяжелых опухолей

Another reason often is turmeric.

Scientists from the University of California (USA) put forward the hypothesis that the main component of the popular condiment – turmeric – can stop the growth of breast tumors and organs of the hemopoietic system, reports the with reference to

The researchers said that curcumin has the property to engage in connection with a specific enzyme DYRK2 – this combined substance slows down the activity of cancer cells, preventing their rapid growth and uncontrolled reproduction in the body. Although curcumin previously mentioned representatives of science in relation to its anticancer effects, the authors of this work believe that it can be 500 times more powerful than assumed so far.

“Laboratory tests have shown that when curcumin is combined with medicinal substances for the treatment of specific varieties of tumors of blood, it greatly enhances their effectiveness and even reduces the side effects,” said scientists.

That curcumin may be a powerful compound drugs against cancer, scientists have convinced the experiments on mice. It was observed that under the influence of curcumin cancer cells continued to split and destroy other cells.

The authors of the project noted that a similar effect is provided not by the use of turmeric and curcumin when used as an ingredient that is a medicine in which its concentration can be very dense. A drug against cancer based on curcumin, they now intend to develop.

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