This video will remake your musical culture, and will mesmerize you : here are all the n°1 for the last 50 years

Drake, Rihanna, Michael Jackson… The artists who have the most sold in the past 50 years

Who are the artists that have the most sold in the past 50 years ? Drake, Rihanna and Michael Jackson are part of the singers and singers who were number one in the ranking in terms of record sales after the YouTube channel Data Is Beautiful. We offer you to discover also the other.

Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Queen… those are the ones that sold the most

Who are the artists that have the most sold in the past 50 years ? The YouTube channel called Data Is Beautiful has made a small balance sheet. In 1969, in spite of their separation, the Beatles remain at the top level sales, and up until 1972. This year, however, it is Led Zeppelin which exceed before the group do not dominate in its turn, by Elvis Presley in 1973. A difficult year for listed private life for the King, who was in mid-divorce with Priscilla.

In 1975, it was Elton John who landed the number 1 thanks to the release of not one, but two albums : Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy and Rock of the Westies. But in 1976, the tube Hotel California is on all the airwaves and, therefore, are the Eagles who have been buying up the first place of sales.

The arrival of Michael Jackson

In 1980, happens Michael Jackson and his modern music (as well as her music legends, shot as a movie). He will reign supreme throughout the decade with the exception of 1982, where Queen proved a massive hit once again with his album Hot Space, in particular thanks to the single Under Pressure featuring with the amazing David Bowie.

In 1986, Madonna also passes in front of Michael Jackson with her third album True Blue, which titles Papa Don’t Preach and La isla bonita are part of it. The queen of pop the dethroned again in 1991. In 1993, it is the turn of another diva to take his position in the standings : Whitney Houston. Thanks to his first role in the film Bodyguard where she plays with Kevin Costner (released in 1992), she becomes a real star on the big screen but also of the charts, singing the soundtrack of the film, including the song worship I Will Always Love You.

In 1997 also it is a woman who becomes number 1 ahead of Michael Jackson. That ? Celine Dion, that has us all excited this year 1997 with its shattering My Heart Will Go On from the movie Titanic (she was recently remixed with Steve Aoki).

In 1998 and in 2000, the Backstreet Boys, who surpass them all with, respectively, the outputs of Everybody and I Want It That Way. Between the two years special boy band, it’s Elton John, who arrives first in 1999.

Eminem, Drake and Rihanna dominate all

Then comes the era of rap and urban music. From 2001 to 2008, Eminem overwrites them all. But in 2008, Rihanna became a singer increasingly recognized with already three albums released (Music of the Sun, A Girl like Me and Good Girl gone Bad). Thanks to its securities Pon de Replay, SOS, Unfaithful, Umbrella or Don’t Stop the Music, it beats the rapper, and even remains number one until 2013.

It was then that Drake released his third studio album Nothing Was the Same with the tube Started from the Bottom. Since then, he is the boss of sales, the share in 2019 where Luis Fonsi has quickly piqued his position with the tube Despacito, song most listened to in the history of streaming.

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