“This war has no end”: the first trailer of the final season of the series “Mr. Robot”

The main role in the TV series performed the Oscar-winning Rami Malek

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"Этой войне нет конца": вышел трейлер заключительного сезона сериала "Мистер Робот"

“Mr. Robot”

The TV channel USA Network has released a trailer for the fourth season of the TV series “Mr. Robot”. As you know, the main role of the hacker Elliot was played by Rami Malek, who will also play in the 25th film about James bond.

Find out the details of the life of actor Rami Malek:

The show’s Creator Sam Esmail, promised viewers that the new season will be very long Christmas special issue. This is confirmed by the trailer, filled with the spirit of the holiday, violence, and popular in Western countries, Christmas hymn.

“Going down that path – will not stop. There will always be something else. The new symbol, which must be destroyed. New people who need to be saved. This war has no end. And you’re going to cross the line,” – said in the video the character of Christian Slater.

Note that the series “Mr. Robot” airs on channel USA Network in 2015. In the center of the plot – a talented hacker Elliot Alderson with dissociative identity disorder. He was involved in the work of the mysterious community, which is trying to change the existing world order. But everything is not so simple.

The third season was released in 2017. The fourth premiere is scheduled for October 6.

Recall the TV series “Mr. Robot” with Rami Malek in the title role, will close after the fourth season.

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