This week, cocktail of heat and COVID-19 in NURSING homes

Cette semaine, cocktail de chaleur et de COVID-19 dans les CHSLD

Only a third of the bedrooms in accommodation Centres, and long-term care facilities (CHSLD) are air-conditioned in Quebec.

The meteorologists announce three consecutive days with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, while the epidemic of COVID-19 is particularly fatal among the elderly in NURSING homes.

In the short-term, no precise solution is on the table for the refreshment of the residents in these circles this week, while it will be impossible to meet in air-conditioned areas.

The challenge promises to be of size at the time of the end of the month of may to limit the spread already intense and deadly in these environments, where also feel the lack of staff.

These exceptional circumstances remind us that we are talking about the last 10 years of cooling the CHSLD in Quebec. The Council for the protection of patients (CPM) said having enough, and wants to force the government to change things using a means of pressure. This is why we turn to the courts.

“We are in the process of building a query to obtain a prescription in order to accompany the authorities. We understand that they have the right intention but, in addition, we will accompany them with a court order to arrange the rooms comfortably,” said Paul Brunet, president of the Council, Sunday in an interview on the airwaves of LCN.

“The vast majority of the third party there [of people with access to the air conditioning in NURSING homes] is obliged to pay. It’s insulting. We want the rooms of the people, their living environment, be comfortable. It’s been a long time that it is claimed. Is it going to take another court order to do so? Do not tell me that it’s going to take time. This is not true. Entrepreneurs are ready to respond now.”

Marguerite Blais, minister responsible for seniors, spoke with TVA Nouvelles amounts and envelopes, stating that the houses of the elders will come quickly. The rooms will be air conditioned, said.

“In some places, you can’t cool more because of the dilapidated locations,” warns the minister Blais.

The report of the national Institute of public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) on the transmissibility of the novel coronavirus linked to the ventilation systems is still awaited.

Dated Thursday 14 may, the government of François Legault announced an injection of $ 700 million in additional health and social services to accelerate the introduction of Homes of seniors in Quebec.

Tuesday to Thursday, with estimated temperatures of 30 to 32 degrees Celsius in Montreal at the time of writing these lines.

– According to a report from Andy St-André for VAT New



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