Thomas Markle threw the phone, not waiting to hear “rude” Harry, Megan’s furious…

Томас Маркл швырнул телефонную трубку, не дослушав «грубого» Гарри, Меган в ярости из-за...

The father of Meghan Markle gave a new controversial interview. Thomas Markle, who still have not personally met my husband and daughter said that after the affair of Harry and Megan became known to the public, the Prince in a telephone conversation warned the future father-in-law so that he kept away from the press. “They’ll eat you alive,” he said. And he was right”, — quotes the words Markle Daily Mail.

However, Thomas has not told Harry. As you know, he conspired with paparazzi and made a number of staged pictures taken supposedly by accident. May 11 edition of the Mail on Sunday was informed by Kensington Palace that is going to publish an article on this topic. After that, Harry again called my father to Megan and asked him directly — is it true that he made a deal with the photographer. Thomas lied to the Prince, answered in the negative. The article was published may 13. It was accompanied by a video, proving that Markle collaborated with the paparazzi. After the scandal broke, Harry and Megan again called to Thomas. He already was in a hospital bed — on the basis of stress in Markle is having heart problems, in connection with which he had surgery. According to Thomas, Harry read him the riot act, saying: “If you’d listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened”. And Markle replied: “Maybe for you guys it would be better if I died. Then you could pretend to be saddened”. And then hung up, not waiting to hear His Highness. Now Thomas recognizes that Harry had every right to blame him for the rash deal with paparazzi. But in his opinion Harry was very rude to lecture him the moment he had just experienced a heart attack.

74-year-old Markle said that a daughter’s marriage turned his life into chaos. The Royal court does not render him any assistance, and he is forced to cope with the pulled hard on his difficulties. Thomas does not want to have anything to do with the Royal family, and only wants to live in peace.

Markle told that they never received an official invitation to the wedding. “At first I thought, “OK, I am going to participate in this wedding.” But I would like to be invited to insert it in the frame memory. I asked Megan to send invitations to other family members. I told her that they would not be able to attend, as will not be able to afford expensive flights, but it would be a nice gesture on her part. Of course, she didn’t,” said Thomas, who eventually was not able to attend the wedding due to a photo scandal and health problems.
Thomas also said that he had planned to say a few words at the wedding of Harry and Megan. But the daughter told him that during the ceremony for this is not there time. This made him very hurt. Thomas also said that Megan and Harry haven’t spoken to him for several months. And that the rumors that the pair had offered him reconciliation is false.

Meanwhile, Megan is infuriated by the public revelations of his father, which put her and Harry in an awkward position. According to friends, she considers it “emotional blackmail”. And his words about what “better off dead” — crocodile tears aimed to cause self pity. Megan said that in the past repeatedly faced with such behavior of the father. She wants him to “stop talking” and stopped trying to manipulate it. She was not going to enter into contact with him, as sure he can’t keep his mouth shut.

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Томас Маркл швырнул телефонную трубку, не дослушав «грубого» Гарри, Меган в ярости из-за...

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