Thomas Rhett Show: A Decade of Number 1s Lands at the Bell Center

The Thomas Rhett Show: A Decade of Number 1s Lands at the Bell Center


Thomas Rhett has unforgettable memories of his first visit to Montreal in 2019. “As soon as I set foot off the stage, I told myself that I absolutely had to go come back as soon as possible,” he said. The pandemic will have forced him to wait longer than desired, but the American country icon is finally preparing to reconnect with his fans, at the Bell Center, on Friday, February 24.

“Hello, this is Thomas Rhett. How's it going ? launches the singer in impeccable French.

As soon as you point out the quality of his elocution, an embarrassed laugh is heard on the end of the line. 

“ Ah, that's nice, but I don't really agree! My French lessons date from the seventh year. But I will practice before coming to Montreal,” he promises, this time in the language of Shakespeare. 

The language, we quickly realize, is great significance for the singer from Georgia, USA. It is even more so since his last visit to Montreal, where he launched his Very Hot Summer 2019. Thomas Rhett remembers having long feared that the language barrier would weaken his connection with the Quebec public. 

“I had already played all over the world. But it was the first time I had come to a market where the majority of people spoke a language other than English. I was incredibly nervous,” he recalls.

“The stress completely disappeared behind the scenes during my first games. I could see how people in the room were connected to the artists who preceded me on stage. That's when I realized all the power of music to break down barriers, “he continues.

Well surrounded

Thus it is with his plethora of hits – and a few phrases in French – in his suitcases that Thomas Rhett will reconnect with his Montreal fans this week. The singer recently resumed his Bring the Bar to You tour, which began last summer, for a series of concerts on Canadian soil. 

What to expect from the concert at the Bell Center on Friday? The title gives a good indication of the atmosphere to be expected, says Thomas Rhett. Because his ultimate goal is to recreate the excitement of a big party in a bar, and this, for more than three hours thanks to the presence of his guest artists, Jordan Davis and Kameron Marlowe. 

“I want it to be crazy, for people to shout and sing with us, to party like I know Montrealers are capable of,” he sums up. 

< strong>Everything to “touch people”

It must be said that the singer is spoiled for choice when it comes to putting together the program for his evening. Because besides the songs from his latest album – Where We Started, released last year – Thomas Rhett has no less than 20 titles that have topped the American charts over the past decade. An achievement of which he is obviously proud… but which he approaches with great – and refreshing – humility. 

“I remember when I started, when I thought it would be so cool to have a number 1! And now, 10 years later, I'm 20. It's completely surreal,” he breathes. Don't just stop there or let these numbers dictate our approach. Obviously, it is a privilege to have a piece at the top of the charts. I can't deny it. But the most important thing for me is to write songs that will go straight to the hearts of people. Knowing that I have touched people with my music is worth a lot more than a number 1 in my eyes”, he confides.  

The tour Bring the Bar to You will stop at the Bell Center on Friday, February 24.