Thousands of farmed fish die from heat

Des milliers de poissons d’élevage meurent de chaleur

Thousands of fish stocking die of heat because our festivals fishing have been forced to cancel their orders and where to go fishing were opened later on, with the pandemic.

“It was picked up 1000 fish dead this morning on our 80 000. We have already lost more than 20,000 dollars worth of fish this year, ” said Peter East, president of the Pisciculture de la Jacques-Cartier, station du Mont-Mégantic.

“We missed the season of the fishing outfitter in may and June, with the COVID-19. It’s been 45 years that I am in there, and I’ve never seen it, ” said Norman Roy, president of the value chain roundtable in freshwater aquaculture in Québec (TFAEDQ).

This summer, the fish stocking is piling up in the rearing ponds, because the festivals, outfitters and municipalities have for the most part been forced to cancel their orders due to the pandemic.

“It is likely to increase in the coming days, because many regions have not had rain,” added Judith Farley, veterinary, aquaculture, who fears that the warm weather vienna to play a spoilsport.

Help claimed

She adds that the temperature of the water perfect for a brook trout between 7 and 13 degrees.

“From 20 degrees, trout become stressed. The immune system becomes more sensitive. She has respiratory distress and the gills become irritated “, she continued.

To get through the crisis, the TFAEDQ request emergency assistance from two million to governments.

“When we see the rain of billion Delivery canadian emergency, it seems to me that you did not ask so much with our two million. This is a drop of water, ” said its chairman, Norman Roy.

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