Threat of strike in childcare centers: Quebec does not rule out special law

Threat of strike in childcare centers: Quebec does not have the card special law

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The Legault government does not intend to let threats in childcare centers linger for long: the special law has already been mentioned. & nbsp;

“I remain a person who prefers to get along. I will make every effort to come to an understanding [with the unions], but that is most certainly one of the tools that are available, ”said Treasury Board President Sonia Lebel on Thursday. & nbsp;

Yesterday, union members from the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ) voted 91% in favor of an unlimited strike mandate. & nbsp;

Today, the 11,000 CSN educators must also vote on the possibility of an indefinite general strike. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Sonia Lebel says she does not intend to let the conflict so as not to harm parents who have already suffered the repercussions of the strike days held at the beginning of the week. & nbsp;

Quebec believes that the unions are continuing negotiations only for a “question of principle”. While the government has agreed to increases of around 20% over three years for educators, the unions are demanding larger increases than what is on the table for all other CPE employees, including cooks. & nbsp;

Listen to the interview with Valérie Grenon, President of the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec & nbsp; & nbsp;

Puzzle to plan & nbsp;

“I think that, sincerely, we have lost sight of the reality of parents, with everything they have gone through in recent months, especially with the pandemic,” said Ms. Lebel. What I understand is that, as a matter of principle, parents are threatened with an indefinite general strike. “& Nbsp;

Closing daycare centers would create a headache for workers, who would have to keep their toddlers at home. & nbsp;

A nurse also told the Journal that she fears losing the $ 15,000 bonus granted by Quebec for those who work full time. An unjustified absence may result in the loss of the entire premium. & nbsp;

But the office of the Minister of Health is reassuring. Christian Dubé will announce over the next few days “arrangements to make these premiums more flexible.” & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“And in the context of the daycare strike, we will ensure that mothers and fathers who already have difficulty reconciling work and family life do not pay the costs of these strikes ”, assures her press officer. & nbsp;

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