Threat of the 2nd wave: Europe toughens its anti-COVID

Menace de 2e vague: l’Europe durcit ses mesures anti-COVID

In the Face of the recrudescence of infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and the threat of a second wave, the authorities of several countries in Europe have toughened the anti-Covid.

Overview of reconfinements and other measures such as the wearing of masks compulsory, decided these last days in Europe:


Nearly 4 million inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Barcelona (northeast of Spain) are called, since Friday, by the catalonian regional government to “stay at home” except for reasons of necessity, due to the increase in cases of COVID-19.

The regional authorities have also decided to close cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, to prohibit meetings of more than ten people, visits to retirement homes, and also limit the capacity to 50 % in bars and restaurants.

At the same time since the 15th of July, the inhabitants of the Catalan town of Lleida and municipalities in the surrounding area, or a total of approximately 250 000 people, are reconfinés.

In the Face of the rebound of the contagion, many Spanish regions, including Catalonia, have reinforced the mandatory nature of the mask that must be worn at all times on public roads and in enclosed areas.


In the Lisbon area, a new containment at home since the 1st of July for 700 000 inhabitants of a score of neighborhoods. These measures have been extended until at least the end of July.

Great Britain

On 29 June, the british government has reconfiné the city of Leicester (central England), with closure of stores not essential, as a result of renewed local case of COVID-19. The reconfinement will be reduced on the 24th of July, announced by the government Thursday.

The mask-wearing becomes compulsory in all the shops in England from the 24th of July. This was already the case in Scotland.

However, the british prime minister, Boris Johnson has encouraged, on Friday, the English to resume transport links and to return to their place of work from the 1st of August, saying that it hoped a “return to normal” for the end of the year.


The country should reopen its full bars on 13 July, but has delayed the final phase of the déconfinement to 10 August, because of a resurgence. The gatherings are limited to 50 people inside and 200 outside while the masks become mandatory in the stores.


The mask-wearing becomes compulsory in all schools closed open to the public, “in particular the shops,” from next week.

In the department of Mayenne (west), which includes many households, the mask-wearing is compulsory since this Thursday in enclosed public places, of the six municipalities, including the prefecture in Laval.


Since 11 July, the port of the mask is mandatory for any person who is at least 12 years of age in enclosed public places (shops, cinemas, libraries, places of worship, etc). It was until then only imposed in the public transport. Due to the slight rebound of infections, the authorities have not announced any easing of the restrictions of gatherings.


In anticipation of a resurgence, the country allows the containment measures enforced at the local level with “prohibited output” in limited geographical areas. This is a novelty in the country, which up to now had a flexible definition of confinement based largely on the self-discipline and good will.


The country banned since mid-July, access to its territory to nationals of african countries such as South America, most asian countries and some european States, invoking the global surge in cases of coronavirus.

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