Threat to the place of a journalist: a person who is arrested

Menace à l’endroit d’une journaliste: un individu arrêté

The Sûreté du Québec has arrested a man in the Laurentians 26-year-old who allegedly made threats to the journalist of VAT Kariane Bourassa, who suffered a hug during a event.

Guillaume Lagacé, a resident of Saint-Placide, in the Laurentians, was arrested yesterday by police officers from the SQ to uttering threats in social media. According to TVA, the man, 26-year-old is accused of uttering threats and inciting hatred.

These crimes have been committed in the social media following the event antimasque held this weekend in front of the parliament in Quebec city. Two protesters were so entwined, in the waves, the journalist Kariane Bourassa.

The behaviour of the two men has been the subject of several criticisms. Since then, one of them, Jean-François Mongrain, has “apologized” to the journalist and has admitted its error, in interview to the Newspaper.

Admission on Facebook

In a publication that he shared on Wednesday morning, Guillaume Lagacé is not hidden and said that he had had the visit of police officers to 23: 30 Tuesday. “I was informed of my arrest for incitement to hatred and threat to Kariane Bourassa, the journalist of VAT which covered the rally in Quebec,” he writes.

The man seems to visibly take the arrest lightly, as he then asserts “this is nothing to worry about, that’s part of the game of the society”, accompanied by a man to smile.

Consider his chances of going to court “very unlikely”, Guillaume Lagacé seems to admit, however, to have incited hatred. “Only the charge of incitement to hatred will be accepted. The threat is not basing [sic] and ridiculous,” he adds.

The present case does not, therefore, a direct link with the acts committed before the parliament. After you have been arrested on Tuesday evening, Guillaume Lagacé has been released on a promise to appear and to comply with certain conditions.

He will return to court in October.

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