Threatened to poison and pour acid “harem” pet Loboda persecuted for adult video

Угрожали отравить и облить кислотой - "гарем" любимца Лободы преследуют за взрослое видео

Till Lindeman, screenshot

today, 10:32

Journalist and activist Marshenkulova Zalina went to the police after he stood up for the girls from pornoclip till Lindemann. The woman said, who and why of threatening her and the girls. Feminist previously publicly stood up for the Russian girls who starred in pornoclips soloist of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann. She asked me to provide yourself and your family with state protection because of personal threats.

In a statement Salini Marshenkulova said that she threaten to beat, rape and throw acid. The activist asked to bring a case about the death threats hatred (part 2 of article 119 of the criminal code), as well as the spread of the network of false information discrediting her honor and dignity and undermine her reputation (part 2, article 128.1 of the criminal code), writes DW.

Угрожали отравить и облить кислотой - "гарем" любимца Лободы преследуют за взрослое видео

Till Lindeman, screenshot

The activist told us why she decided to go to the police and why the German clip has caused on the Internet such a reaction.

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“Yes, because I can’t take it anymore, I guess. Of course, this is not the first nor the last wave of persecution. After the campaign was Reebok threats, harassment, calls at night on personal mobile from some men. A few months ago in the subway I was hit on by some aggressive man. But, thank God, nothing happened. As for bullying from the “Dacha”, I chose, of course, is not the best time to act against them. I am now in the fifth month and would like to spend it looking serialchik and books about babies. But, unfortunately, I can’t live in peace, when there is such injustice. Plus the threats began to touch and my parents that I was completely outraged at this time,” she said. Zalina Marshenkulova

Zalina Marshenkulova explained what constitutes “Dvach” what kind of people these are and why they attacked her. “Dvach” ganged up on the woman of clip of Lindemann. However, after she learned that the public were set out the names and contacts of girls who starred in the music video — decided not to remain silent.

“This is a sexist public that absolutely reflects the attitude towards women in this country. “Dvach” poison girls for many years and no one years of not paying attention to it. Now, while there is a scandal with me, they have already chosen a new victim – publish personal contact of a girl at the moment of detention was programmer Alexander Litreyev. Although that she was not guilty, wrote that all human rights defenders. But they still” Zalina Marshenkulova

Угрожали отравить и облить кислотой - "гарем" любимца Лободы преследуют за взрослое видео

Till Lindeman, screenshot

The activist has published in his Telegram-channel post with a call not to post links to girls that they are not hunted and have not sent them threats and instead got a terrible threat to his side:

“Actually, all I did was published in his Telegram-channel post, they say, but you can at least not to post links to girls that they are not persecuted and did not send them threats. Even tried without offense. And then began the story with threats to kill, to dismember, to pour acid and bring to a miscarriage. Also in the “Dvach” appeared my fake quote, for which I now have troubles in real life,” Zalina Marshenkulova

In the words of Marshenkulova her application will be considered 10 days. Ask about Pro Bono advised her lawyer. In addition, the activist was contacted by several girls who starred in the video Lindemann and human rights activists now conduct a conversation with them. Marshenkulova noted that girls are very scared. The woman also said:

“It’s funny that those who have claims to the clip said nothing about the Lindemann. A man is never to blame, always blame women. It is both funny and scary. There’s still the main absurd: on the one hand, men worry that feminists will ban them porn and naked sexy women. And on the other they threaten those women to beat up and kill” Zalina Marshenkulova

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