Threats formulated by love for Alexandre Bissonnette

The “Christian pastor” Antonio Dion, arrested in the courtroom during representations on the sentence of Alexandre Bissonnette, made threatening remarks to the Muslims to demonstrate his love to the murderer and try to find him.
The 55 – year – old man, who has several antecedents of theft and fraud, pleaded guilty on Friday to threats.

On April 25, Antonio Dion presents himself as usual to the representations about Bissonnette’s sentence. A special constable asks him why he displays a dark face.

Antonio Dion begins by looking at the service weapon at the size of the constable. “If I find myself a weapon, I’m going to do exactly like Alexandre,” says Dion. That way I’ll be able to meet him. ”

The 50-year-old said he had known Alexandre Bissonnette in prison in the fall of 2017 and had begun to have a romantic feeling about him. “I did not want to hurt anyone, I just wanted to say that I loved him,” insisted Antonio Dion, crying.

His lawyer, Michelle Blouin, said that his client had expressed himself to provoke a meeting in detention with Bissonnette.

Antonio Dion got what he wanted because he was arrested at the end of the performances on the sentence and has been detained since.

The defense and the Crown requested a pre-sentence report prior to the sentencing phase.

Judge Steve Magnan refused to lift the order prohibiting Dion from contacting Bissonnette in prison.

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