Three books for the soul, which is worth reading for the may weekend

We found three books for the soul are totally different styles

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Три  книги для души, которые стоит прочитать на майских выходных

Three books for the soul

Front of a lot of the weekend, and it’s the perfect time to read a few new books for the soul. In addition, these books are small so they can even decorate your trips during the may holidays. Read more in our review.

Paulo Coelho, “Hippie”

Три  книги для души, которые стоит прочитать на майских выходных

Book for the soul

If you are familiar with the works of Paulo Coelho, this new book is definitely for you. The author almost the first time departed from his favorite genre of parable and allowed to peek a bit behind the curtain of his life. So it can be safely called a kind of book-confession. Read this book with ease. It tells the story of a hippie travel, so it is easy to take along the way. However, in the new from Paulo Coelho, in addition, travels, speaks of love and encounters.

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The book leaves a sweet aftertaste, it can endlessly enjoy, I want to reread again and again , when the soul wants something easy but also something important and philosophical about our lives.

Laurent Gonel, “the Day that taught me how to live”

Три  книги для души, которые стоит прочитать на майских выходных

Book for the soul

This book is the next new from the author of the bestselling book titled “God always travels incognito”. Her story something in common with the character “the Alchemist” Paulo Coelho, who went towards his dream, because in this book one prophecy of the Gypsy woman can completely change your life. This book is for the soul will make you think about issues of life, death, and other important priorities, because the value of life can understand only when there is a threat of losing it.

Kazuo Ishiguro, “the remains of the day”

Три  книги для души, которые стоит прочитать на майских выходных

Book for the soul

This intellectual bestseller of the late twentieth century, which only recently became available to Ukrainian readers, will undoubtedly be pleased. The third novel of Nobel laureate 2017 tells the surprising story of an English Butler. Critics have pointed out that Kazuo Ikaruga, Japanese by birth, unexpectedly wrote a very British book. So I have the opportunity to enjoy the history-memory of the fading British traditions, because it tells the Butler, who moved with the house to the new owner.

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The book is written in the form of a monologue, and to the form of the story need a little getting used to. However, in a weekend this book is a reflection will draw you a leisurely descriptions and interesting ideas as food for thought because we are talking about the tragedy “man in a case”. If you like to watch movies based on books, you can watch the same film with actors Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

We also wrote that recently at auction in London for 68.8 thousand pounds was bought the first edition of “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”with typos.

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