Three bubbles from here

Three bubbles from here


All fresh, all light, all bubbly. Whether you like bubbles in traditional mode or natural sparkling (“pet nat”), you will find something to please you here. Cheers!

Domaine Bergeville, Smaller than 2021, North Hatley$29 Gourmet grocery stores 12.6%0 g/L Biodynamics

In 2019, Ève Rainville and Marc Théberge carried out their first magnum prize de mousse tests, the contents of which were then intended to be blended into future vintages of L’ Intégrale. Its vocation changed during the tasting by the team: it had to be marketed as is. Le Petit que 2021 is therefore a traditional method sparkling wine made from a blend of Acadie Blanc, Frontenac Blanc and St-Pépin grape varieties. Not dosed, completely dry, but with an excellent volume in the mouth, thanks to an exceptional summer and autumn. Nuanced, lingering flavors, mineral undertone. Pure bliss on a hot July day.

Freewheeling, Pet Nat Vidal 2021 $37 Delicatessen – 11% 0 g/L

Freewheeling is Geneviève Thisdel's personal project at the Les Bacchantes vineyard in Hemmingford, where she is head of cultivation. The natural sparkling it develops shines with its aromatic clarity and balance. If it is lively, tense and it seems very dry, the wine is however not acerbic and also unfolds in the mouth a very nice fruit, between chard apple, clementine and lime zest. Light and thirst-quenching like a prosecco, without the sweetness.

Le Chat Botté, Petnat Orange 2021, IGP Vin du Québec 32$ Delicatessen – 12.5% ​​ ND

New image, new vintages. The Chat Botté range, this Hemmingford estate located a stone's throw from the Bacchantes, has been enriched with a natural sparkling white Frontenac, itself macerated with the skins for five days, hence its name: Petnat Orange. The contact of the skins exacerbates the tropical aromas and brings a slight tannic sensation, which blends harmoniously with the roundness of the fruit and a fairly persistent bubble. Vinified without adding sulphites; original and well executed.