Three buckets of crayfish and stay with family: Loboda Babkin and shared their plans for the New Year

Три ведра раков и отдых с родными: Лобода и Бабкин поделились своими планами на Новый Год

today, 19:58

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda and famous musician Sergey Babkin told, what’s the first plan I want to implement in 2020, and how long is the Christmas tree in their homes.

So, Loboda admitted that he would like in the first month of 2020 to take a vacation.

“The most important thing – my daughter’s waiting, of course, that mommy will be there. Mom even this year thought, maybe her not to work and spend time with family. I would also like in January to go away for a month on vacation, to the ocean. Girls and boys, and their parents,” – said the singer.

Три ведра раков и отдых с родными: Лобода и Бабкин поделились своими планами на Новый Год

Svetlana Loboda

As for a Christmas tree, she is in the house Loboda until the last moment.

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“There comes a time when I said, “Mom! She was already opal all, please do something about it. Remove her, in the end, outside””, – admitted the singer.

Also Svetlana congratulated all the upcoming holidays and wished good music in the New year.

“I wish you good music in the New year. With the upcoming holidays! It seems to me that the new year holidays the most pleasant. With much love, your Loboda” congratulated the singer.

But Babkin on New year wants a lot of seafood.

“The first of January I am planning to buy 3 buckets of crayfish, Prosecco and oysters – I want to celebrate the first day of 2020! Want to start it beautifully from day one! And after that – visit bath: the whole family, even with Elisha Sergeyevich. And if it’s not snowing, we will not stop” – confessed musician.

Три ведра раков и отдых с родными: Лобода и Бабкин поделились своими планами на Новый Год

Sergey Babkin

He also said that the tree they buy, and decorate a living in the back yard.

“The tree we have is already the third New year is not in the house, and on the street. She’s alive and we growing in the back yard. We decorate it every year and remove all garlands, balloons and lanterns at the end of February. When there is snow – it’s all very harmonious and beautiful”, – shared Sergey.

Babkin was also generous to the wishes for the New year 2020.

“I would like to wish all loved ones and friends to be able to enjoy life. We are accustomed to living in abundance, that safe and sound, healthy. We take things for granted. But it’s not. When you look at people who have a what you have, you realize that you need every day, be happy with what you have. We have to thank God and the Universe for what it is so ordered that your life here and now is this. I wish to be here and now, today, not in yesterday and not think about tomorrow. It is very difficult and very important and necessary. This is the meaning, I think. If you are, here and today, you’re very attentive, watching everything and thank you for what I see, what’s happening to you. Then before you open a map with a lot of keys and answers to your questions. The main thing – to be here to see them, to feel, to hear, to see. And, of course, I wish you all good health, such as the solid earth, the forces of physical and spiritual. Dream and go for their dreams that it once was, and it’s 100% going to happen! If you live with her, think about it, believe in it and move! Happiness, love, good luck in 2020,” he congratulated him.

Recall that Svetlana Loboda exposed tremulous video from the filming of the show, “Tonight”, which is humorist Maxim Galkin, where he gave a fascinating interview about family, children and work.

As reported by the portal Znayu Svetlana Loboda little puzzled by the audience, set the social network a few beach shots, which poses in a swimsuit with her daughter.

The portal also Znayu wrote that in front of the camera, Svetlana Loboda appeared in a sexy black lace top spaghetti strap, which beautifully emphasized the lush neckline and a slim figure.

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