Three fantasy-news that worth reading

We found three fantasy-new items with completely different styles

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Три фэнтези-новинки, которые стоит почитать

Terry Pratchett, “Certworthy”

Три фэнтези-новинки, которые стоит почитать

What happens when charaterize, the eighth son of an eighth son, decides to update the invisible Academy, school of wizards? Add to this magical cocktail personalized Death, a grief-the wizard Resvida, the daughter of Cohen the barbarian, who actually dreams of becoming a hair stylist, and a chest on legs, a traditional character from the Discworld of Terry Pratchett. Unexpected plot twists are guaranteed thanks to the hat archirecture, which was an extraordinary person. I promise that you will not be bored.

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The third book in the series about Rinside is a good example of humorous fantasy, where magic and supernatural phenomenon is just the background for incredible adventure. The book will not leave indifferent fans of Pratchett and suitable for dynamic reading as adults, and children forced to think about the topic of unhealthy ambition and magical dictatorship.

Victoria Aveyard, “Crimson Queen”

Три фэнтези-новинки, которые стоит почитать

Before us is another magical world in which there are two types of people: Black, dominating and Crimson, which are in fact their slaves. The story of the first openly recalls the story of the famous dystopian novel “the Hunger games”, however, the error of the protagonist Marie Baro from crimson commoners who wants to save his friend, causing the activation of the adventure. She suddenly falls into the Royal Palace and discovers his superpowers Silver. The girl is at the peak of the battle between the Silver and the Crimson underground, when you have to cheat, to conceal their feelings and sometimes necessary just to survive.

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The world is interesting because, like the popular “Game of thrones”, each of the clans has a certain coat of arms and magic, and to hide their true feelings can be very difficult. Add to this a little love when you need to marry a Prince, but the heart loves another, and you remember yourself as a teenager. Therefore, under fantasy dystopia split the world in two, hiding a good book about the agony of choice and compromise with his own conscience.

Jonathan Stroud, “the Screaming staircase”

Три фэнтези-новинки, которые стоит почитать

Jonathan Stoud, the well-known series of Bartemius, proposed an entirely new fantasy world, although again in London, where events occur in most books about magic. In this magical capital of British ghosts, beginning very much to annoy people. To deal with ghosts in a house with stairs that shouts, sent a trio of brave fighters: Anthony Lockwood, George and Lucy Cabins Carlisle.

In this book intricately intertwined classic English detective and sometimes creepy story that tickles the nerves. The story is not like “Ghostbusters” and will please not only adult readers, but young fantasy readers.

We also wrote that recently at auction in London for 68.8 thousand pounds was bought the first edition of “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”with typos.

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