“Three happy days…”: archival footage of the band and Nachalovo make you believe in miracles, incredible video

"Три счастливых дня...": архивные кадры с Пугачевой и Началовой заставят поверить в чудо, невероятное видео

today, 10:17

Users of the network, again brought in the trends of archival video, which you can see how famous singer Yulia Nachalova is a parody of a prima Donna. Recall that four years ago in the project “one to One” Julia showed a room of Alla for the song “Three happy days”.

This became known thanks to the video on YouTube.

“Bravo! Well done! The singer with unique vocals, could not do bad. She could only sing better than me. But you, thank you for this, sang under Pugachev. I once suffered in those three happy days, relived the feelings of those years,” praised then Nachalova Joe.

It is also known that a little later Julia repeat the parody of the star, but will have chosen the song “you know it will still be” that Pugacheva sang with her daughter Kristina Orbakaite. Julia also sang it with his daughter Faith. One of the last performances of Julia was with this song and in a duet with his daughter, on the anniversary of TV host Yuri Nikolaev.

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