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Three hikers savagely attacked by a goat

Three hikers savagely attacked by a goat


Three hikers, one of whom lost consciousness, were savagely attacked by a goat in Spain.

According to Andalucia Today, these are three isolated events, but of the same furious goat.

The tourists were rescued in a steep area of ​​Trevélez by the Civil Guard who established that it was indeed the same animal.

The first incident occurred on May 28 and concerns a 64-year-old Dutch woman who fell from a twenty-meter cliff while trying to escape the wild animal.

The woman then called the emergency services by radio and spent the night trapped on a hillside where she suffered from hypothermia.

Later, two Belgians were injured by the animal at two separate times and later found by a shepherd. 

One of them was unconscious at the time of the rescue.

According to experts, the goats could be more aggressive than usual due to the period reproduction that is in progress.

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