Three quarters of residents infected with COVID-19 in a CHSLD

Three quarters of residents infected with COVID-19 in a CHSLD

A CHSLD in Montérégie-Ouest is grappling with an outbreak that has spread like wildfire, contaminating nearly three quarters of residents and nearly 30 employees.

In just two weeks, the number of residents infected with COVID-19 has increased considerably at CHSLD Laurent-Bergevin, located in L’Île-Perrot, in the West Montérégie.

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On December 8, two residents tested positive for the coronavirus. As of December 20, there are now 50 affected patients out of 73 residents, including two who have died, and 27 employees, indicates by email the Integrated Center of Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) of Montérégie-Ouest.

For Nathalie Mayer, who has her 80-year-old father and 98-year-old grandmother in the CHSLD, the situation is more than worrying.

“COVID is in there everywhere! There will be hospitalizations in the coming days, I have already been called to give my authorization to transfer my father, who is on oxygen, if necessary. They are on the verge of death, ”says the 50-year-old woman, who says she expects to experience mourning in the coming days.

Three quarters of residents infected with COVID-19 in a CHSLD

Chantal Poirier / JdeM

“I don’t feel the situation is being handled well. They say they are not short of staff, but it is never the same employees, it is staff who come in and go out, and that would be normal given the number of employees who are affected, ”adds Mayer.

By email, the CISSS explains that it does not have any information concerning the reasons for the outbreak or what relates to the lack or regular change of personnel.

According to the CISSS, the facility has been reconfigured to create different areas to protect residents and contain the outbreak. Positive residents are isolated in a hot area with dedicated staff, and positive employees are in lockdown at home.

“We take this outbreak very seriously. There is an outbreak committee that meets every day and is supported by the [D]regional public health department. There are 4 doctors on site to take care of users and Protection and Infection Control is present on site to ensure that the measures are applied ”, indicates Jade St-Jean, media relations officer for the CISSS.

She also adds that health and hygiene resources have also been added. Screening tests are also carried out every 48 hours on residents and every 72 hours on establishment employees.

In addition to the CHSLD Laurent-Bergevin, which is the 3e The most affected CHSLD in Quebec, ten other establishments are in a critical situation in Quebec, that is to say which have more than 25% of their residents infected, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

It is in Montreal-North that we find the two housing centers most affected, namely the CHSDL Vigi Marie-Claret, with nearly 90% of infections, and the Pavillon des Bâtisseurs, with 73% of cases. confirmed positive.

As for private seniors’ residences, 35 were in a critical situation as of December 20.

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