Three rappers missing for 10 days after their concert was canceled

Three rappers missing 10 days after concert canceled< /p> UPDATE DAY

Three rappers have been missing for ten days after their concert at a club in Detroit, Michigan was canceled. 

Montoya Givens and Dante Wicker, aged 31, and Armani Kelly, 28, who were due to perform at a club on January 21, have not been heard from since, when their phones were unreachable.

“We understood that the performance has been canceled, and from there we just have a lot of unanswered questions that we're trying to figure out,” agent Michael McGinnis said, as quoted by CNN.

The vehicle of the The 28-year-old singer was found two days later thanks to his mother's involvement in the search, before news of the artists' disappearance snowballed in the local media.

The families of the victims have not heard from the trio of rappers and the police, who are continuing their investigations, are still asking for the public's help in unraveling the skein. of this intriguing disappearance.