Three reds for hunters!

Three reds for hunters!


The hunting season has been in full swing since September. Whether it's moose, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, black bear or…frogs (don't laugh, it's regulated by the government), you're going to be looking for beefier wines. Wines with flavor, as my dad would say, which can highlight wild meat without giving way to its sometimes more pronounced taste. Here are three that should not leave you thirsty.  

Drink less. Drink better.

Domaine des Carabiniers 2020, Lirac, France

$25.40 – SAQ code 14056970 – 13% – 4.2 g/L – Organic

If, like my brother-in-law – a big fan of hunting, but who struggles to come back with a catch – you love Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines, you'll love it. Dominant Grenache complemented by Mourvèdre and Syrah in equal parts. We feel the pulpy wine with a silky structure, well-structured tannins and an astonishing finish of freshness. Notes of violet, liquorice, smoked meat and kirsch. Surprisingly drinkable, it gains in complexity with aeration.

★★★ $$ 1⁄2

Raul Perez, La Clave 2019, Bierzo, Spain

$23.95 – SAQ code 13918451 – 14% – 2 g/L

Raúl Pérez is considered one of Spain's great winemakers. It is also a “machine” that produces more than thirty of its own wines in addition to overseeing the production of several estates. Mencia, the only authoritative grape variety in the appellation, displays a ripe side reminiscent of plums and figs with a background that plays between spices, smoke and herbs. A generous wine with medium-bodied tannins leaving a salivating impression and quality bitterness; the whole thus retains good liveliness. A little decanter will do him good too.

★★★ $$ 1⁄2

E. Pira e Figli, Nebbiolo 2020, Langhe, Italy

$48.00 – SAQ code 13737378 – 14% – n.d. g/L – Organic

Do not don't trust the information on the SAQ website, it is indeed the 2020 currently offered. Beautiful nebbiolo. Eye-catching scents of potpourri, cherry, licorice and incense. On the palate, we feel a pure and chiseled material with high quality tannins. It's tight and powerful, but the fruit brings a lot of freshness. Sustained and tasty finish. A delight best decanted 30-45 minutes before serving.

★★★★ $$$$



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