Three-Rivers is pulling back on parking prohibitions

THREE-RIVERS | Trois-Rivières, has decided to step back by removing the prohibitions of parking on certain portions of streets in the perimeter of its city center.

Fifteen parking spaces condemned in the last few days for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists will be again accessible to motorists.

This decision had caused much grumbling among the business people. “Sure it affects us much at the level of our customers. There are less people who come, and there are a lot of late,” complained Gabriel Plant of the salon, The Bearded Sportsman in the vicinity of which it was no longer allowed to park.

“It is a laboratory, so it is alive,” said mayor Jean Lamarche before agreeing that it was necessary to readjust the shot. A top city official went walking the streets covered by the measure in order to suggest changes.

The organization Three Rivers Centre, responsible for promoting the economic health of the city centre, believes that the prohibitions were not the sea to drink for motorists. It was 49 spaces a total of more than 2000 for the whole of the perimeter.

“It is sure that if you think to go and park directly in front of the trade, it is perhaps less possible. But there are other places where to park in the city centre,” noted the director of the organization, Gina Déziel.

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