Three Rivers: the owners have the green light for the eviction notice

Trois-Rivières: les propriétaires ont le feu vert pour les avis d’expulsion

After three months of paralysis, the owners of the accommodation now have the green light to evict tenants. The moratorium on the eviction notice is up at Three-Rivers, as elsewhere in Québec.

The activities have gradually taken to the Régie du logement. As well, the owners, who have an eviction notice in hand, can initiate this week of the steps to evict their tenant.

Diane Ayotte complains about the conduct of a tenant. In addition to refusing to pay for his housing, he would have been threatening to the other residents of the building: “He said no, I’m not going to go, told Diane Ayotte, manager of real estate, in an interview with TVA News. You will go to the Régie du logement. It’s going to take four months. It is a gesture premeditated”.

The pandemic has slowed down its steps with the Régie du logement. Files accumulate for months.

“I appeal to the Régie to all the days with the case number. I am told that they have started again, but that they process the records of the 1st of march,” said Ms. Ayotte.

According to a survey conducted by the Corporation of property owners of Quebec (CORPIQ), at the beginning of the month of July, 13 % of owners were waiting for a hearing to the housing authority for unpaid rent and 3 % of owners had an eviction order that they could not run.

“The problem is that we have members who communicate with us and who have non-payments of rent since September, October, December. It is ok to evict the tenant, but we will not be able to recover the money,” said Marie-France Daoust CORPIQ.

Besides, the Corporation is claiming a compensation programme for the owners of the accommodation, those forced to provide free housing for months.

The application was sent to the Quebec government, but got no response.

The housing authority is the administrative court the busiest in Quebec. It deals annually with more than 66 000 applications and holds more than 70 000 public hearings.

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