Three teenagers injured by a falling tree on their tent in Alberta

Trois adolescents bless├ęs par la chute d'un arbre sur leur tente en Alberta

BOTTREL, Alberta | Three teenagers were injured Saturday when a tree fell on their tent during a violent storm that has devastated a campsite of Bottrel, near Calgary, Alberta.

The three young men had found refuge in their tent, at 16: 45 (local time), when a violent storm was riddled with hail the campsite, while powerful gusts were causing havoc in the vegetation, breaking in particular the tree that fell on their tent.

“It was the storm the strangest I’ve seen. It was all a jumble. It was something that you have to see it to believe it”, explained to the Calgary Herald, the owner of the site, Duane Needham.

His brother Tim and his niece were the first to rescue the teens. One of them had managed to get out of the tent, but the other two were stuck under a branch.

The pair has managed to root out a first victim, before realizing that a second teenager was stuck. “He had the face on the ground and was unconscious, and the branch was exercising a lot of pressure. My daughter and I have managed to dislodge it. As soon as we did that, I saw the color return to his face, and he took a deep breath. But when it has expired, that does not sound well”, said the manager of the campsite, Tim Needham, chain-Global News.

Two of the teens were eventually released with minor injuries, but the third was more seriously injured. His condition was nevertheless judged to be stable during transport to the hospital and his life was not threatened.

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