Three tenants of an HLM inconvenienced during a fire

A fire broke out around 11:15 pm on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in the housing of a resident of OMH Compton. Three people had to be taken to the hospital after inhaling smoke and there is no fear for their lives.

T ll 17 residents OMH who were there had to be evacuated during the night, which created a commotion in the village.

Fortunately, the Red Cross volunteers were slow to arrive and helped reassure the victims, while some were losing all their belongings inside the 24-unit building.

“We sent five volunteers on site as soon as we received the call,” says Carl Boisvert, spokesman of the Red Cross in Quebec.

“Our volunteers directly helped eight people, who eventually went to their parents or friends. As in all situations where we are called, we have provided food, clothing and accommodation assistance for up to three nights, “he said.

The mayor of Compton, Bernard Vanasse, said he was relieved of the turn of events in the circumstances, while the damage was minimized during the fire on the building on chemin de la Station.

“Our firefighters, with the help of those from Waterville, are doing a great job. Without their quick response and their work as a professional, the damage could have been even greater, we do not even want to imagine, “he said immediately.

A strange coincidence has softened the record, according to the mayor of the municipality of just over 3000 inhabitants. “Firefighters were at the fire station when we received the call because they had to answer another call just before. It saved us extremely important minutes, which made the building far from a total loss. That’s probably what would have happened if our firefighters had not been there and if their colleagues in Waterville had not arrived so quickly, “he says the day after the fire.

The time to clean

La cause de l’incendie demeure inconnue au moment de la publication, alors que des enquêteurs sont sur place depuis la matinée pour en déterminer. Un grand ménage reste à faire, selon le Maire. «Il y a un grand ménage à faire, alors que la fumée et l’eau ont endommagé la majorité des unités. Plusieurs rénovations devront aussi être faites avant que l’OMH reprenne du service. Les pompiers ont défoncé un grand nombre de portes pour s’assurer que personne n’était resté à l’intérieur de l’édifice. On aime mieux prendre nos précautions et s’assurer de ne laisser aucun résident en arrière», affirme-t-il.

“We are very lucky to have the Red Cross in our area, they helped manage the situation as soon as they arrived. What about the work of our firefighters and those of Waterville, who responded in record time. Who knows what would have happened to the OMH if he had not already been to the barracks because of another call, “says the Mayor, thanking the first responders.

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