Three trackers of convicted pedophiles

Three “pedophile hunters” will have to do community work to pay their debt to society.

W illiam Drapeau, Bruce Foley and a 21-year-old woman have been charged with criminal harassment of two individuals on the internet Wednesday at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

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Criminal Attorney Joanne Saint-Pierre explained that these actions occurred when these individuals presented themselves as “pedophile hunters”. He had created a Facebook page to display their beliefs.

After creating a profile of a minor girl, they approached men on social networks to track pedophiles.

They fixed appointments with these men before confronting them.

“They had a behavior that made the victims fear for their safety. They were filming people, vehicles, identity cards and threatening to publish and lose their jobs. The vehicle of one of them was damaged with stencils, “said Saint-Pierre.

Videos of these gestures have been captured.

“You can see aggressiveness on the video. What is also risky is to start producing child pornography in writing, “says Saint-Pierre.

Drapeau and Foley have been sentenced to suspended sentences by Justice Hélène Fabi of the Court of Quebec.

The two young men, who had no previous criminal record, now end up with a criminal record for defending their beliefs in a way that was not the best. An exception was made for the young woman in this case who received a conditional discharge because she is studying.

The young woman will have to perform 100 hours of community work, Foley 150 hours, and William Drapeau 240 hours.

Drapeau, an activist against the sale of animal fur, also made a disturbing call on the subject at the shop owned by the mayor of Magog Vicki-May Hamm and her daughter.

“My client admits he did not take the right steps. The complainant can be reassured that she has nothing to fear from my client who is not violent. Complainants in other cases have nothing to fear either, “said defense lawyer Patrick Fréchette.
Drapeau also admitted the possession of nearly three kilos of cannabis seized during the search carried out at his home.

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