Three-year-old boy died suddenly while watching cartoon on TV

Трехлетний мальчик внезапно умер во время просмотра мультфильма по телевизору

The tragedy occurred in one of the villages zhidachivskogo district, Lviv region. Three-year-old boy died while watching a cartoon on TV. This “fact” announced the press officer of police of the Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya.

“The boy’s mother was away for a few minutes. She needed to do something in the yard on the farm. Of his three sons the woman left in the house alone. And that he was not bored, turned on him a cartoon on TV.

When the woman returned home, I saw a terrible picture. The sofa on which sat her son has developed. Was seen only the feet of the boy. The woman pulled out of a sofa the baby, but he showed no signs of life. Arrived at the scene, paramedics could do nothing to help the kid.

How did you find the law enforcement officers, sofa mechanism and it is itself shut. The child probably suffocated. He was passing the throat, and the boy couldn’t even call for help.

The sofa was new and recently purchased. The police now finds out all circumstances of incident. Try to find out if this sofa is defective.

The police opened criminal proceedings under article “Murder” marked “Accident”, —— said Dobrovolsky.

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