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Queen american suspense author of numerous novels, award-winning, Lisa Gardner provides a history of a young serial killer that we actually see all the colors in his new translated book in French, directly behind me. The hunt for the man unrestrained is set in the woods of the State of Oregon, in the north-west of the United States, and appealed to the technicians of tracking in a natural environment.

Telly Ray Nash is not yet adult and he has already killed someone. It was eight years ago. And it was to save the life of his sister Sharlah.

From this difficult episode, Sharlah was gathered into the family of a profiler from the FBI to retirement, Peter Quincy, and his wife, Rainie Conner. These people magnets and reassuring have offered a home to Sharlah and a new start in life.

Their peaceful life in a small town of Oregon will be completely shaken up when two people will be murdered in a grocery store in the city. Especially as this is the face of Telly Ray Nash who appears on the surveillance cameras. And the list of killings goes…

Just behind me
Lisa Gardner
Editions Albin Michel”>

Just behind me
Lisa Gardner

Editions Albin Michel

Lisa Gardner is a nod to one of his first suspenses by bringing back the character of Peter Quincy in this novel, which is not part of the series D. D. Warren.

“My first thriller, Until death do us part, featured a profiler in the FBI, Peter Quincy. It is found in several of my books, but I haven’t talked to in a while. So many fans have asked me its new as I had the idea of writing Just behind me “, she says in an interview from his residence in New Hampshire.

She wanted to explore the foster family system, and in particular what happens to children who age and do not find a host family. And as a novelist, she wished in parallel explore the psychology of the perpetrators of mass killings, where the crime starts at home or at work, and then extends into the community.

Tracking to the old

The talented novelist always constructed a documentary base solid to sit her suspenses. This time, his research has brought to the side of the trackers, these professionals mastering the techniques in “the old” to find fugitives on the run in the wilderness.

“I read an article in SWAT Magazine that talked about the need to have the tracker traditional. The police forces are using new technologies, the infrared cameras, but several cases occur in rural areas and the technology does not work. ”

And she interviewed a specialist of the question, now a teacher, to collect all the relevant information. “I’ve learned so much ! I realized how much I knew little about it. He worked in the north of the State of New York, he has helped me to identify the problems that would confront my character of Cal Noonan in the forests of Oregon. We have worked with topographic maps, among others. “

Age-old techniques have been lost over the years. “It was amazing to discover how much his work is dangerous. It is usually done call for his services in the case of fugitives. Notably, he tracked the prisoners who had escaped from a prison in the State of New York. “

Tribute to the Oregon

The book takes place in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Oregon, the us state that Lisa Gardner knows very well since she was raised there. “I describe the fictional town of Bakersville, but the people of the region will recognize the city of Tillamook, a small coastal town famous for its cheese. “

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