Tickets for “Eurovision 2019” don’t buy because of high prices

Expo Tel Aviv risks being half-empty because of the high cost of tickets

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Билеты на "Евровидение 2019" не покупают из-за высокой цены

All tickets for “Eurovision 2019” will sell hardly

“Eurovision 2019” will take place in three weeks 14, 16 and 18 may. Meanwhile, tickets for the international contest, which usually moves very quickly, this year sold very poorly. Thousands of tickets for the “Eurovision 2019” is still not sold out due to high prices.

As previously reported, Convention center Expo Tel Aviv accommodates only eight thousand visitors. Note, three thousand seats reserved for delegations. A related increased cost of tickets on “Eurovision 2019”. However, it was expected that a limited number of seats will promote an instant sale.

Билеты на "Евровидение 2019" не покупают из-за высокой цены

Tickets for “Eurovision 2019”

At the moment the competition is only three weeks, and a hall in the semi-finals is in danger of being half empty. It is reported TASS with reference to the Israeli economic newspaper “Globes”.

So, for the finals there is about 400 tickets in Green Roоm where the participants will have to assess after the performances. At the same time in the main hall for the final tickets left.

However, in the first semi-final was not sold out more than two thousand tickets, exactly as on the second. At the dress rehearsal, where also you can get the tickets, which left about three thousand seats.

Earlier we wrote that in tel Aviv already mounted the stage, which will be based on the geometric figure. In addition, it became known that the “Eurovision 2019” will act Verka Serduchka.

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