Tiger Woods turned down $700-800m to join LIV Golf



Former champion Greg Norman-turned-LIV golf boss claimed Monday night that Tiger Woods had turned down an offer of $700-800 million to compete in the new splinter-funded league. Saudi funds. 

When asked on Fox News on Monday night if it was true that 15-time Grand Slam champion Tiger Woods had been offered “700 , $800 million” to join LIV, Norman replied, “That number existed before I became CEO, so that number exists, yes.”

“Tiger is someone who makes the difference, right? So of course we turn to the best of all. They had approached Tiger before I became CEO, so yes, the figure is in those waters,” said the Australian on the sidelines of the Bedminster (New Jersey) tournament, the third round of LIV Golf.

This rebellious league with an outsized budget fractures the hushed world golf for several months.

Tiger Woods, 46, has always affirmed his loyalty to the PGA Tour and says he has no intention of following other Major winners, such as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson, who took the plunge.

“I disagree,” Woods said ahead of the British Open in July. “I think what they've done is they've turned their backs on what got them to this level,” he blasted.

“ And who knows what will happen in the near future with world ranking points, Grand Slam entry criteria? Some of these players may never have the chance to participate in Majors. It's a possibility. We are not sure yet,” he feared.