TikTok: a adviser to Trump expects a “strong action”

TikTok: un conseiller de Trump attend une «action forte»

The adviser of the White House to the commerce said on Sunday, expect the american president Donald Trump a “strong action” against applications, chinese TikTok and WeChat, in a context of tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Peter Navarro said on Fox News to expect a “strong action” on the part of Donald Trump against these two applications, which, he says, send all data to servers in China, directly in the chinese military, the chinese communist party and the agencies (official) who want to steal [the] intellectual property”.

TikTok belongs to the chinese group ByteDance and has nearly a billion users in the world. WeChat is the leading messaging app in China with over a billion users.

“I think the president does that start with those two”, he added.

Donald Trump had said on Tuesday that it was studying the possibility of banning in the United States the application TikTok.

Peter Navarro has also accused the boss of TikTok, the American Kevin Mayer, the former head of platforms for streaming of Disney, to be a “puppet american”.

On Friday, the american giant of online distribution Amazon sent a note to his employees, asking them to remove this app from their mobile phone. The group has responded several hours later, stating that this e-mail was gone “by mistake”.

“They have announced this and have done the reverse, which shows the power of the chinese communist party on the american companies, and this is the problem”, according to Peter Navarro.

The us bank Wells Fargo has also requested its employees have installed on their phone a professional to remove it. The teams of the campaign democrat for the u.s. presidential election have also been invited to use it with much caution, since a different phone.

TikTok has often had to defend his links with China, where its parent company has a similar application under a different name. It has always denied to share data with the chinese authorities and the insured does not intend to accept such applications.

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