TikTok holds your data without having used the application

TikTok holds your data without you having used the app


Several governments have recently announced a ban on using the TikTok app on state devices due to cybersecurity concerns.

According to a report from Feroot, an Ontario cybersecurity firm, TikTok has your data even if you've never used the app.

Your information is still collected and transferred whether or not the app is removed. 

“TikTok may be present on a website in just about any industry in the form of pixels/trackers (the trackers) TikTok”, establishes Feroot.

The report also argues that “in many cases, pixels/trackers begin executing immediately and have little or nothing to do with the immediate activities of the website owner.”

Sites that require Password authentication may be believed to add a layer of security, when in fact, TikTok's pixels collect names, passwords, security codes and other sensitive data, Feroot revealed.

Pixels transfer data around the world, including China and Russia, often before users have a chance to accept cookies or provide consent, according to the Feroot report.

TikTok isn't the only platform using pixels across the internet. Indeed, Google, Meta and Microsoft are also among those who use tracking devices.

The company has announced that it will move forward with “Project Texas” which aims to secure US user data. 

Based on information from ABC News