TiKTok is committed in the fight against bullying with its influencers and a hashtag

TiKTok s'engage dans la lutte contre le harcèlement scolaire avec ses influenceurs et un hashtag

TiKTok is committed in the fight against school bullying

On the occasion of the national day for the fight against bullying this Thursday, 7 November 2019, TikTok mobilizes and aligns itself with the association e-Enfance through a joint campaign to say no to harassment online. Among them, Matdeuh, Jeremyslalomn or Camilletesigne that encourage video does not stand still.

While this Thursday, November 7, 2019 is the national Day of the fight against school bullying, it is important to remember that more and more young people suffer today, in the real life but also via the social networks. In order to engage in the fight against cyber-harassment, TikTok has decided to support and join the Association e-Enfance through a joint campaign to say no to harassment online.

TikTok is partnering with the Association e-Enfance against online harassment

The application, which presents itself as “a space of discovery and expression, safe and positive”, “due to the many security features and privacy management proposed and the commitment of its community has mobilized 6 French designers to express themselves in a video on this theme. Among them, @matdeuh, @jeremyslalomn or @camilletesigne, that Purebreak met last month. All will spread the “Love” and positive messages, reminding everyone that we must act and not remain still in the face of harassment. Internet users are known to react via the hashtag #TikTokerLove.

For its part, e-Enfance has created an official account on the application which proved a massive hit among the young : @eenfance, on which it offers educational videos and highlights its national number of anti-cyber-harassment Net Listen. “It is important that young users can feel protected by their community. Kindness and support are office of safety cord that repels the assault and push back the hate online. This campaign offered by TikTok is also the opportunity to promote our number Net Ecoute 0800 200 000, which allows you to take care of victims of cyber-bullying and to suppress these protests online.”, entrusted Justine Atlan, executive director of e-Enfance.

The football stars will also mobilise

There is not as TikTok, the mobilization is taking place : many football stars have also taken to raise awareness in their communities. Among them, several Blue(s)such as Olivier Giroud, Not Golo Kanté, Eugénie Le Sommer and Amel Majri who are involved in a video clip with the slogan wants to encourage them to act : “bullying, when it is not the target, it is the solution”. For his part, Benjamin Pavard, which has partnered with Cartoon Network for his campaign “Stop harassment – you can talk !”.

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