TikTok : the stars and the most popular videos on the social network in 2019

TikTok : les stars et les vidéos les plus populaires sur le réseau social en 2019

TikTok : the stars and the most popular videos on the social network in 2019

After Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or even Google, it is the turn of TikTok to take stock of his year 2019 ! What videos have been most liked ? What stars are the most popular on this fast-growing social network ? What dances were done to stir up viewers ? Here are the Top 10 of TikTok !

2019 will more than ever was the year of TikTok. The social network has experienced a real expansion, with over 1.5 billion downloads, and has become a trend among young people. As we have seen recently with the buzz that has created the video of Juju Fitcats launching the Bim Bam Boom Challenge. By the end of 2019, TikTok has the balance of its year, just like Youtube or Twitter, and has uncovered a number of rankings.

Among the videos more viral, there is an experience of the most explosive, the attack of the fly, a cat dancer, or even a c-section banana. It should be noted that the most viral video this year on TikTok has accumulated more than 17 million likes and received more than 87 000 comments !

Top 10 videos the most popular :

1. Experience explosive

by David Dobrik (17.4 million “likes”)

2. The caesarean section of a banana

by Caleb Cutler – ($6.1 million “likes”)

3. The fail of the pool

by Malorielynn14 – 7 million “likes”)

4. The attack of the fly

by Jayleennina (4.9 million “likes”)

5. The tea with the girlfriends

by Sammie (2.1 million “likes”)

6. The cat dancer

by Jade Taylor-Ryan (2.2 million “likes”)

7. It tastes like kombucha for the 1st time

by Brittany (2 million “likes”)

8. The hummingbird is too cute

by Kushsmoker (1.5 million “likes”)

9. The shaving foam and the fangs

by KidneySothran (758.100 of “I like”)

10. The teddy bear biker

by raegybear (619.000 “likes”)

On the side of the stars the more popular the app, we find Will Smith with 10.8 million subscribers, Selena Gomez (14.5 million) or Miley Cyrus (2 million).

Top 10 celebrities :

1. Will Smith

2. Miley Cyrus

3. Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock”

4. Howie Mandel

5. Terry Crews

6. Selena Gomez

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. Steve Harvey

9. Post Malone

10. Shaw Johnson

Who said new social network also says new opportunities for internet users not or little known to pierce. This is the case of Zach King, Noen Eubanks or CHase Hudson.

Top 10 creators who have succeeded in 2019 :

1. Zach King

2. Noen Eubanks

3. James Charles

4. Chase Hudson

5. Charli d’amelio

6. Nick Uhas

7. Glitterandlazers

8. Mahogany Lox

9. Johnathan

10. Curtis Newbill

The dance was more than ever in its place on TikTok ! The proof with these videos of dances that have become trends in 2019.

Top 10 dances of the more likely :

1. The Woah

2. The Git Up

3. Obsessed dance

4. Hey Julie

5. Scary Spooky Skeleton

6. The 223

7. The Chucky Cheese

8. Drop dance

9. A-punk

10. HBS dance

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