Tiktokers in US Congress against app ban

Tiktokers in US Congress against app ban


“When you put on the wrong shoes in the Capitol”: a dozen tiktokers wandered the halls of the United States Congress on Wednesday, filming themselves to oppose the ban on the application.  

Many American elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, believe that the popular video platform, owned by the Chinese group Bytedance, allows Beijing to access confidential user data.

They have introduced several bills in recent weeks to ban the app, which has more than 150 million users in the United States.

Several TikTok influencers visited the American capital this week to vehemently oppose this ban.

“We are in Washington, you see the Capitol right there”, launches the tiktoker @countrylather2020, in a video with the hashtag #keeptiktok (#gardeztiktok) .

@countrylather2020 Walking through DC#keeptiktok #warshthestankoff #smallbusinessowner #soapmakersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Country Lather Soap Works

“We hope to talk to a few senators,” says the one whose account specializes in soap making .

“Hey everyone, I'm just outside of Lindsey Graham's office in the US Senate,” greeting card designer @sparksofjoyco says in another video about an influential elected Republican.

“I will be in contact with them to make them understand the impact that TikTok has on my life and on my business and all the concerns that you have shared in the comments”, she promises to its more than 90,000 subscribers.

The boss of the application, Shou Chew, will be heard by American elected officials on Thursday.