“Time and Glass” introduced the track-counting

«Время и Стекло» представили трек-считалочку

New song of the group called a “Song person”

Recently the soloist of group “Time and Glass” sang with Monticom, and today Nadia and Positive presented a new track.

According to participants of the group’s new song will make fans not only dance, but let all that is within.

“Each of us, they dance in a crowded club or moves to the beat of the music when riding in vehicles, there is a “his” face. Imagine yourself long-legged beauty, which attracted the attention of the entire party, or a millionaire behind the wheel of cool cars. Breaks at a street party, fun party at home or catch the sounds at a concert of your favorite band. Dance like you know something, feel the groove, let it roll and go with the flow!”, – said Nadia and Positive.

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