Time for resolutions

Time for resolutions


Excited everyone! I wish you a fantastic year full of little joys. I present to you my first column of the year, in this first week of 2023. How exciting!

It's time for resolutions. There are those who love to take them and those who are allergic to them.

Personally, it's stronger than me, I take them and I hold them! My great friend, Isa, often fools me: “I don't even need to encourage you, Alex, you'll hold them one more time.”

I thought I'd surprise her (and myself!) this year and not keep any promises. Just to see if I can live my life without challenges, without a specific goal. Then I realized I couldn't.

Organize Yourself

I'm like a four-year-old. I need a framework, otherwise I remain guiltlessly stranded on my sofa daydreaming. I like it so much, doing nothing, just as I like to fill my days to excess. I'm all or nothing.

So I declare that my tradition of making a resolution is still going strong, and here's the one for the year: when it's time to eat, it will be the only thing I do. Simple, right? Not so simple actually, I admit.


How often do I eat lunch in front of my computer? Or if I'm alone one evening, I eat while talking on the phone with my friends who have their kids every other week, too, or their boyfriend is absent that evening? How many times do I eat standing up, on the sly, and the great classic, with my cell in my hands?

As a family, on the other hand, it is so much easier. Our meals after school and work are sacred. We cook as a team, we set the table and we tell each other about our days, stretching it out like a Saturday night.

The present moment

In 2023, I want to savor every bite like there's no tomorrow. No longer wasting this happiness of savoring what I cook or what people cook for me. I will eat without doing anything else at the same time.

I want to feel hunger tickle me and stop eating when I am no longer hungry. Feel the beginning, the during and the end. That's the beauty of chewing. To offer a party to my taste buds. This is where the fun happens. Not in speed, inattention and multitasking.

I want to live for those moments too that fulfill me so much when I take advantage of them. Finito, the unnoticed passage of flavors. Turning everything off, even 15 minutes, will be a start. And most importantly look each other in the eye. Let's go ! Fire yourself a log and let's make our pleasures non-negotiable!