Times court: no new trial for Thanabalasingham, slice the supreme Court

Délais judiciaires: pas de nouveau procès pour Thanabalasingham, tranche la Cour suprême

OTTAWA | The sri lankan who was able to escape his trial for the murder of his wife was beautiful and well done in the face of court delays are unreasonable, and the charge against him remains suspended, ruled the supreme Court of Canada on Friday.

In a decision rendered unanimously, the highest court in the country has established that this man since returned to Sri Lanka, Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham, has had to cope with times which go beyond those set by the stop Jordan.

In cases like this, the floor is equivalent to 30 months. Mr. Thanabalasingham, therefore, should not undergo a new trial.

The supreme Court of Canada, in its judgment, upheld an earlier decision of the Court of appeal.

Thanabalasingham, who had refugee status, was arrested in August 2012, after the death of his wife, Anuja Baskaran. According to the evidence against him presented before the lower courts, he would have slain his wife, after several episodes of domestic violence.

Except that his file was too long to be dragged to the court, was a ruling by the Quebec superior Court. Meanwhile, the supreme Court of Canada released the judgment in Jordan, in 2016, which limits the waiting time for an accused person on trial.

For its decision made public on Friday, the highest court in the land has, in particular, had to address how to calculate the delay attributable to prosecution as well as the time attributable to the defense, which must be subtracted from the total.

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