Tina and Sergey Babkin will come to the floor of “Dancing with the stars”

Тина Кароль и Сергей Бабкин выйдут на паркет «Танцев со звездами»

Producers dance project produced for viewers a lot of surprises

This Sunday will be the finals of “Dancing with the stars.” For a new broadcast star couple have produced two dance numbers.

As reported by the producers of the project, the main feature of the release will be music, because couples prepare to dance to live performances by popular stars of the Ukrainian showbiz.

So, the first dance of Igor Lastochkin with Ilona hammer will be a fiery Samba, the second the Foxtrot pursuant Sergei Babkin with the song “Get it.”

Artist Michelle Andrade together with Eugene Cat dance energetic hip-hop and tango to the accompaniment Nikita Alexeev with the song “Oceans of steel”.

Actor Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich in the air will show viewers a sexy Broadway jazz, and the performance Onuka with the song “the City” the pair will dance fusion.

Bachelor Irakli Makatsaria together with Jana Zayets, “ignite” parquet Jive. The second dance of the participants will be lyrical art Nouveau with a performance of the singer Tina Karol, who will sing the song “rain”.

And Lesya Nikityuk with her partner Maxim Yezhov will show the audience the bright swings. The second dance contemporary pair will dance to the song “don’t go”, which will perform for all comers.

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