Tina Karol admitted, what books he likes to read

Ukrainian pop diva prefers e-books

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Тина Кароль призналась, какие книги любит читать

Tina Karol

Ukrainian pop star Tina Karol, who recently devoted deceased husband touching footage, will perform their hits during a Grand show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which TV channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 20:00. On the set of her project, she admitted, what books he likes to read.

Tina Karol in 10 years met a woman, who nursed her son – see video:

According to Tina Karol, she always loved inspiring stories of creative individuals.

“I like epic, for example, how people lived in other times, as was the way of a creative person as one or the other singer was moving towards its goal. I love to read real stories,” said the pop diva behind the scenes of the show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

As for the shape, then Tina Karol prefers e-books, often reading them in the road.

Recall that in the holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!” will ignite the most popular Ukrainian artists – Tina Karol, Oleg Vinnik, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, Michelle Andrade, TAYANNA, TARABAROVA, JERRY HEIL, as well as a group “Time and Glass”, MOZGI, KAZKA, DZIDZIO, “Antitila”, “NEANGELY”, “БЕZ you like”, KADNAY, Freedom-jazz, LETAY.

Directed large-scale show of the TV channel “Ukraine” was Elena Kolyadenko and leading – Alexander skichko. The television version of the show the audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” will see 24 August at 20:00 in the framework of festive air, devoted to the independence Day of Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote that Tina showed off a perfect figure in a new photo shoot in the United States. The singer posed on the beach in mini-shorts and delighted subscribers seductive shots.

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  • 22 August – see the special “Ukrainian Day” on the daily lives of Ukrainians throughout the world;
  • 23 August – watch out for the Ukrainian expedition and a record of Ukraine to the Day of state flag;
  • August 24 – celebrate Independence Day and join the awarding extraordinary Heroes “Today.”

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Тина Кароль призналась, какие книги любит читать

Тина Кароль призналась, какие книги любит читать

Тина Кароль призналась, какие книги любит читать


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