Tina Karol admitted who makes her candid photos

The singer also explained why he flew to America

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Choreographer and Director-choreographer Elena Kolyadenko is preparing a new grandiose show for the TV channel “Ukraine”, which will be attended by all top actors of our country. Shooting the Grand show was held on the helipad in the center of Kiev. Besides the unusual location, viewers will find a lot of pleasant surprises from artists.

Behind the scenes of the show, the singer Tina Karol told that in the summer signed a new contract in America. And it details the artist keeps in secret. But who did all the candid photos that caused a furor in the network confessed.

“It’s the fan. It so happened that the girl grew up and became a professional photographer, her name is Alina, and she suggested I do a shot, I refused. It was all very spontaneous, thank you asked,” says Tina.

Тина Кароль призналась, кто делает ее откровенные фото

Tina Karol showed appetizing forms

Besides, Carol told me how she and her son Benjamin loves to spend time together.

“Venya an ordinary boy, like every family, children, boys, grandson, etc he’s cute, kind boy who grows up and then choose a profession, to inherit creative – I don’t think, and I am very proud of my son. He’s actually really good thinking in math, better than mom (laughs), “–says the artist.

Don’t miss the unmatched performance of Tina Karol and other top artists of Ukraine in a large-scale show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino” this Saturday, August 24, at 20:00 only on air of TV channel “Ukraine”!

Earlier we wrote that Tina admitted, what books he likes to read.

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Тина Кароль призналась, кто делает ее откровенные фото

Тина Кароль призналась, кто делает ее откровенные фото

Тина Кароль призналась, кто делает ее откровенные фото


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