Tina Karol “lit up” in the arms of a naked man

Тина Кароль "засветилась" в объятиях обнаженного мужчины

Singer with the new video for the song “hight Power”.Tina Karol presented a new song called “hight Power”, the music and lyrics of which was written by Egor Solodovnikov, author of the famous hit Tina “Give up you always will”.

The video Director – Hindrek Maasik relies on the femininity and beauty of the actress, playing the clip the gracefulness of its captivating image.

“The video for the song Tina Karol “the power of the height” is a reference display of women’s beauty. Tina inspires us to be sensual, artistic, subtle sense of work. From her sexy delicate, her magnetism in detail. Stepping through templates immediate queries, I wanted to show in this clip is clear, beautiful, heartfelt picture, as would any artist,” he told the video Director Hindrek Maasik.

“She filled this song to him, breathed in her strong, fresh, powerful, transparent life,” said Yegor Solodovnikov.

In the video, He appears in a sexual way: in a tight jumpsuit, embroidered with rhinestones. She’s seductive posing in the water.

Also in the clip Tina appears naked along with a naked man.

“I’m happy to re-unite the best and create a new life. Song for me – it’s my life. “Hight power” is a song about the devotion of the woman to the man that dutifully protects it,” said Carol.

Тина Кароль "засветилась" в объятиях обнаженного мужчины

Тина Кароль "засветилась" в объятиях обнаженного мужчины

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