Tina Karol presented a fragment of a new English language songs: video

The actress sang to a guitar accompaniment

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Тина Кароль представила фрагмент новой англоязычной песни: видео

Tina Karol

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol recently spent a lot of time in the US, where they recorded their new English album.

So, on the fan page of the actress to Instagram were a video in which Tina guitar sings a snippet of a new song in English. As always, don’t take your eyes off of the singer and her great performance.

“Ahh, I’m really looking forward to both versions. Russian and English”, “Super”, “Is”, “Pray with all who pray as soon as possible to hear this magnificent song,” write the fans under the video.

Recall that in March 2019 Tina signed a contract with international record label to record the English album. “I like to dream boldly, I want to destroy an iron curtain, behind which we lived all this time. My dream is to be a pioneer, thereby hoping to show this generation that we live in a world without borders,” wrote Tina.

In addition, Tina showed off a perfect figure in a new photo shoot in the United States.

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